How long have you not renewed your glasses?

According to the CNOO (National College of Opticians-Optometrists), 20% of users who wear glasses does not renew them until after 5 years or more. If you are not in this 20%, perfect ! But if it’s been so long that you do not even remember the moment you made your glasses, maybe it’s time to think about it. To make it easier for you, let’s give you 3 reasons why you should renew your glasses.

1 – Your visual health Even

If you do not notice it, your vision changes. The eyes also suffer the passage of time and, after 40, the appearance of tired eyes is irremediable. It is important to perform a visual check once a year to ensure that our eyesight is still in perfect condition or adjust our graduation if we need it.

2 – ¡New look!

Your glasses say a lot about you. This complement, in addition to correcting the view, brings personality to our image. Choose the color, shape and style of the saddle to go to the last but above all, do not forget to prioritize comfort. Our advice: let yourself be advised!

In our stores you will find models of all styles, brands and prices. Take a look at our online catalog of glasses and tab for your favorites (you can see if they are available in store).


3 – Broken mount? Do not let it pass.

A bolt loosened, the rod twisted, the crystals very grated … It is normal that with the passage of time and daily use, our glasses are not the same as the first day. Luckily, in the last years the optics industry has advanced a lot and thanks to it, now the materials are more durable and flexible, the more ergonomic shapes and also the crystals are better (they weigh less, they are thinner, etc).

If these have not been enough reasons to convince you, maybe with our Renove Plan you have just decided. Request an online appointment and we will review your view. If you need it, you can renew your glasses with a 30% discount, any brand or model! Take a look at the promotion.

Whether for your visual health or because you simply want something different in your life, you can count on us. To renew is to live!

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