6 tips to take care of your vision if you are going to drive

1. Check your view before the trip

90% of the information we receive when driving comes to us through the eyes , for this reason, it is important that your visual conditions are optimal when undertaking a road trip. If you have not yet reviewed your view,  request an appointment online  here . 


2. What filter would suit me?

Not all glasses are the same or protect in the same way. Sunglasses are available in  different types of filters  depending on the sunlight you are going to be exposed to . We recommend that you consult with our experts the best filter for driving. We also leave this table with information on the subject.

3. Better than about not missing

Remember that with the  Plan Duo  you can renew your glasses at 30% discount and take others  at half price!  Take this offer to get  spare glasses and always take them in the car. Or if you prefer,  graduate your sunglasses from € 30 . You have no excuse!


4. Care, please

No precaution is small. Control the speed limit  (120km / h is not the same as 150km / h) , keep a safe distance with the driver in front of you, rest enough, especially if the trip is long, and if you drive at night go with caution.


5. Watch when it gets dark

During the night,  visual acuity is reduced by 70%  and the sense of depth  is 7 times less effective than in daylight . Our recommendation is that, as far as possible, avoid driving at night.

6. Before any symptom, check yourself!

From blurred vision to difficulty reading. If you experience any change in your vision, do not hesitate to  come and visit us .


Original article by General Optica

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