Nuuk: More than a simple glasses.

If you go for all you can be wrong, you can cost the car, a couple of teeth or your next climb, it may be cold, you may hurt yourself, you may lose your head, your ways or your legality. It can mean ridicule, or contempt, or loneliness …

But if you live as you want, until the last consequences, perhaps and only maybe, you will become who you are.

Nuuk. More than a simple glasses.



More than a necessity, a complement, iconic eyeglasses are a statement of belonging, style and attitude.

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We present you the sunglasses inspired by the legendary De Tomaso Pantera, the sports car that, since the 70s, has represented the best of American engines and Italian design.

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The glasses of the stars

The glasses are another complement, do not leave your style to chance. The global fashion referents already wear our latest Nuuk models.


To work out

These glasses provide a vision without reflections and offer greater clarity and strength for better optical performance.

To Travel

Glasses resistant to shock, with greater grip that provide a vision without reflections. Especially comfortable for its flexibility and lightness.

To party

With TR18 lenses, one of the world leaders in copolyester technology. Respectful with the environment and provides a unique balance between clarity, resistance and design.

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For a terracing afternoon and beers, to play sports in the snow or go sailing. In Nuuk we give you that touch that your look needs. Check out the latest models of glasses to see that we have taken in the spring season 2019 season.

Talk to us!

In Nuuk we are willing to listen to you. Tell us your proposals and ideas, however crazy they may seem.

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